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Suntech specializes in the research and development, molding, sintering and precision manufacturing of ceramic materials. It can customize various models according to customers' requirements and provide on-site technical support services for customers' entire projects.

* Operating conditions / applications (please provide as much information as possible)
* Quantity
* Required delivery date
* Other requirements or questions

Please provide as much part information and your request as possible drawing or description of the desired shape.

Our company will recommend the product plan that meets your requirements.

Please start production according to the agreed specifications and terms.

Production of the product will begin in accordance with a strict quality control system.

From the selection of raw materials, the improvement of production processes, and the improvement of processing technology, we will eventually produce better products. We can conduct one-to-one communication and communication with customers to better provide customers with more suitable and better products. Customize special parameters according to customer's special requirements.

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