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DLC's innovation of the surface treatment technology of ceramics

In the early days, the main material of the capillary was tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, alumina, tungsten carbide processing difficulty, and it was not easy to obtain a dense porosity processing surface, and the heat guidance rate was high. Titanium carbide is more flexible than tungsten carbide, but the vibration amplitude of the capillary head is larger than the tungsten carbide splitter during the ultrasonic lead and alumina has a strong wear resistance and chemical stability, and the heating rate is low. Therefore, there is no need to heal the capillary itself. The number of bonding times can reach 1 million times when using the automatic key.



                                                    WC                                                                           Ceramics


With the development of the lead line from the golden line to the alloy wire and the copper line, the copper wire is recognized as the most potential packaging wires. It has the characteristics of better conductivity, mechanical strength, and economic benefits than the gold wire. Because the copper wire is harder than the golden wire (the hardness of the copper is twice the gold), the larger ultrasonic energy and pressure need to be used when the lead key is combined. Specify higher requirements.



            Golden wire                                                          Alloy wire                                                     Bronze wire


The surface treatment technology of ceramic capillary is currently generally adopted by laser treatment and chemical treatment to improve the scratching capacity of the bonding process and improve the service life of the bonding wire. However, these treatment methods have a certain damage to the surface material of the ceramic capillary, which affects the wear resistance and consistency of the splittering material. DLC, the full name Diamond-Like Carbon coating, is an advanced technology for surface coating treatment. This technology can give higher abrasion resistance, lubrication and chemical stability to the substrate materials, so that it has a longer service life. By applying the DLC coating, the surface of the capillary can form a layer of carbon film similar to diamond -like. This film has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, which can effectively reduce the surface of the ceramic capillary and the lead wire and the surface of the bracket. Fiction and wear. Therefore, the DLC technology has significantly increased the wear resistance of ceramics, making it more durable in the process of keys, extending the service life, and reducing the production cost of frequent replacement of ceramic capillary, increasing terminal products reliability and stability.



                                                  0 KK                                                              2.0 KK                                                       2.5 KK


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