Application of surface mount system

During the operation of the placement machine, the electronic components are sucked and discharged through the suction nozzle. The high-speed placement machine absorbs and discharges electronic components quickly, and requires high suction resistance of the nozzle tip to meet the long-term operation requirements of the placement machine. The high wear resistance of advanced ceramic materials solves this problem very well. As a kind of wear-resistant material, ceramic can be applied to the nozzle of the surface mounter. Due to the size of the patch component, the nozzle head is very small, with a minimum aperture of 0.07mm and a minimum wall thickness of 0.2mm, thus the traditional The wear resistance of metal is far from the functional requirements, and it is the most ideal material for the nozzle head than the metal wear-resistant ceramic material. The nozzles produced by Suntech have self-developed anti-static materials (the first in China), which can improve the precision of the placement and protect the electronic components of the placement machine from static electricity.

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Special characteristics and advantages of Suntech advanced ceramics

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Nozzle tip of surface mount system

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Nozzle tip of surface mount system

Nozzle tip of surface mount system