• 1.A pore (processing range pore diameter of 0.03 to 0.15 mm and diameter thickness ratio of not less than 1:7) is processed on the metallic material structure surface.

    2.Combination of a visual system and a servo alignment platform (X/Y /R axis) at the product position can be completed automatically.

    3.The thickness of the holes is automatically inspected online.

    Basic functions and features

  • Micro EDM is a non-contact machining process, and there are Merritt, such as micro cutting force and hard material processing, and with the development of several decades, micro EDM processing now has high technology level, micro energy pulse power supply, micro feed system, servo control system, etc The digital control system was developed by applying micro EDM. The surface roughness Ra of micro EDM processing can be achieved up to 0.2 um, and the maximum processing accuracy can be attained to 440km in the processing of microcavities or small structures, and it is satisfied with the machining requirements of micro holes and fine molds. Micro EDM processing drum is made of fine tungsten wire or alloy wire. During processing, a micro energy pulse power supply and a dedicated EDM engine oil are added between the tool electrode and the workpiece, and the digital control axis (micro feed system) performs linear servo operation in accordance with the inspection information in the processing state by the control of the digital control system. After passing through the liquid medium between the tool electrode and the workpiece, a spark puzzle discharge is formed, the temperature is instantaneously elevated in the spark passage, and the portion of the metal of the surface of the workpiece is melted and vapor. Cooling effect of liquid medium spark mechanical oil causes minute etching granules. The granules are quickly discharged from the processing area by the flow of the mechanical oil, and finally the purpose of etching the metal.

    Industry & Advantage

    Drum master φ 0.03 mm φ 0.15mm pore can be machined φ It is possible to process various elliptical holes of square inverse conical pores and forming electrode processing. The automatic control of each digital control axis is automatically controlled by the digital control system, and the precise positioning of the spatial position is realized, and the control of the feed and the processing accuracy of the control electrode is automatically adjusted by the discharge state inspection and the intelligent control scheming. It is possible to realize precise machining of fine pores such as oil injection nozzle and oil injection pore valve of various engines, and have high machining efficiency, high processing accuracy, good surface quality, good pore diameter matching, convenient work, environmental pollution, etc.

    Micro EDM is a fine processing facility developed to meet new trends in modern manufacturing technology, and challenges the limitations of microfabrication. In the micromachined area, Santec's Micro EDM has greatly increased its manufacturing capacity.

  • The facility development team of Suntech Advanced Ceramics (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.is a company R & D and is putting emphasis on building an intelligent device development platform. The main is development of micro precision intelligent manufacturing equipment and manufacturing business such as ceramic processing equipment, automation equipment and inspection. Precision ceramic internal hole polishing automatic machine, micro EDM, tube semi product washing machine, vessel product washing machine, steel needle polishing automatic machine, carrier disk loader, automatic pore sorting machine, ceramic shaft automatic inspection machine, vessel product labeling machine, hi vision vertical microscope, hi vision lateral microscope We have designed and manufactured equipment for automatic machining of several kinds of ceramic, titanium alloy, and tungsten steel material such as the machine for the integrated machine of the spinal canal and the machine for automatic inspection of IC chamfering.

    The equipment development team provides research and development strategies, equipment design, manufacturing, assembly, trial driving, delivery, and maintenance services.