Application of Consumer Products

Advanced ceramics have long been used in consumer electronics. Suntech Advanced Ceramics provides reliable components for wearable devices, creating the best designs, processes and services needed for customer success. Advanced ceramic materials are an indispensable material for human life. It is one of the most important materials in inorganic non-metallic materials that people follow after metal materials and non-metal materials. It not only has the characteristics of glass shape difference, no signal shielding, high hardness, etc., but also has excellent heat dissipation close to metal materials. In addition, the conductive performance is applied in the field of wireless charging. The sensitivity of the signal is very good to solve the problem of fingerprint unlocking. The hardness is close to sapphire, wear-resistant and fall-resistant.

Product application

Special characteristics and advantages of Suntech advanced ceramics

Surface of smart watch

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Mobile back cover and middle frame

Cover of earphone

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