Suntech advanced ceramics is helping the development of the medical industry. Suntech advanced ceramics provides precision manufactured medical device components. Learn about our experience in the medical industry and how we can benefit from our knowledge of advanced materials and technical ceramic manufacturing processes. Many key parts of medical equipment need to be in contact with reagents and human body fluids, and need to have corrosion-resistant, safe and hygienic materials. The corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation aging of advanced ceramic materials will not produce other foreign materials to meet the conditions of use; The anti-water property makes the cleaning of parts more clean and fast; the advanced ceramic materials also have the characteristics of good biocompatibility, and will not cause scratches on the cells during the detection and analysis, which makes the detection results more accurate; advanced ceramic materials can be processed. To a high degree of precision, to ensure the sealing of certain parts to ensure accurate and quantitative purposes; the wear resistance of advanced ceramic materials has made the ideal material for some parts of medical equipment that require high wear resistance.

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