Application of bearings

Suntech advanced ceramic bearings have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetic and electrical insulation, oil-free self-lubrication and high speed. It can be used in extremely harsh environments and special working conditions. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine, petroleum, chemical, automotive, electronic equipment, metallurgy, electric power, textile, pump, medical equipment, scientific research and defense military. High-tech products for new materials applications. Suntech advanced ceramic materials are widely used in bearing bushings. The application of Suntech self-lubricating zirconia ceramic bearings in the cooling fans of laptops solves the problem of noise and self-lubrication.

Product application

Special characteristics and advantages of Suntech advanced ceramics

High precision mechanical bearing parts, guiding elements

Our products in the application of bearings

Cooling fans and water cooled fans

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