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A heater with fast temperature rise and high temperature uniformity

With the continuous development of science and technology, heater plays a vital role as important temperature devices in industrial production and daily life. However, traditional heaters often encounter issues such as uneven heating and slow heating speeds during usage, greatly affecting their effectiveness and service life.In response to this challenge, Suntech has developed an aluminum nitride heater with fast heating rate and high temperature uniformity aimed at enhancing the practical application of heater.



Firstly, Suntech’s reseach and development team based on the customer’s specific requirements, simulated the customer’s usage environment and conditions to design the heater needed by the customer.



The use of aluminium nitride as the main material for the heater ensures excellent thermal conductivity and high-temperature stability, significantly improving the heating rate and temperature uniformity of the heater.

In order to ensure that the performance of the heater meets the design requirements, an electrothermal test is conducted to measure the temperature at different parts of the heater to evaluate the temperature distribution of the heater. These test provide comprehensive insights into the heater’s performance. A rapid heating rate means the heater can quickly elevate the temperature to the desired target, enhancing work efficiency. Uniform temperature distribution ensures consistent overall temperatures of the heated object, avoiding local overheating or insufficient temperature, meeting the process requirements.



In terms of applications, aluminum nitride heaters are widely used in various fields such as semiconductor equipment, medical, military, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. For example, in the semiconductor backend packaging process, thermocompression bonding is a crucial step requiring high-temperature heating and cooling to ensure the fixation of semiconductor chips. Aluminum nitride heater performs exceptionally well in meeting the high requirements of heating rate and temperature control. In the pharmaceutical process, the heater can be used for heating medicinal liquids to enhance stability and purity. In the chemical industry, the heater can be utilized for the heating treatment of chemical reactors to achieve efficient and isotropic reactions.


In short, the successful development of Suntech’s aluminum nitride heater is of groundbreaking significance and has wide application prospects, which will bring great convenience and benefits to industrial production and daily life.


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