ISO 9001 is used to demonstrate the organization's ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory equirements with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

ISO14000 Environmental Management System Operation Mode The environmental management system carries out environmental management and management in accordance with the requirements of the environmental policy. It includes the development of environmental policies, implementation and implementation of relevant requirements for environmental policies, review of the implementation and implementation of environmental policies, and Keep it and so on.

Suntech is the only company in China's ceramic industry to receive NSF certification. NSF specializes in standard setting, product testing and certification services in the fields of public health, safety and environmental protection. It is an authoritative organization in the field of public health and safety. NSF is the designated collaboration center for the World Health Organization (WHO) in food safety and drinking water safety and handling.

National high-tech enterprise

Suntech invests a large amount of money every year for research and development, obtains patents and scientific research results, and continuously improves. It has become a national high-tech enterprise. In the “High-tech Fields Supported by the State”, it continuously carries out research and development and transformation of technological achievements to form the core of the enterprise. Independent intellectual property rights.

SGS is a mandatory standard issued by the EU legislation, which is mainly used to regulate the materials and process standards of electrical and electronic products, making it more conducive to human health and environmental protection.


Shenzhen high-tech enterprises meet international standards, national standards and industry standards, or enterprise standards recognized by the above-mentioned technical supervision departments at the prefecture-level cities; quality inspections by qualified product quality testing institutions; reaching the domestic advanced level.

Shenzhen high-tech enterprises